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Project | 01

Winter Sports Gear  

I wish I could tell you that I tried out every product featured while hurtling down a black diamond, but the truth is, I saved my aptitude for taking on and breaking down the technical for Boyne Lifestyle's readers, the folks I wanted to make as enthusiastic about skiing with quality equipment. Fact is, it doesn't matter how far from shredding the gnar they are; my job was to communicate, in a conversational yet insider-y way, how the gear highlighted here can help any skier or snowboarder have warmer, safer, and sweeter rides, wherever their skill level lies.

Project | 02

Food Packaging

You simply can’t be a copywriter in northern Michigan without championing your state’s most extraordinary edibles. For the venerable North Bay Produce, an international cooperative of more than 30 grower-owners from North, Central, and South Americas that produces, markets, and distributes fresh fruits and vegetables, I introduced its global customers to its new line of dried fruits—and more importantly, the farming families that grow them. 

Project | 03

THC Cannabis Products 

Turns out, you can't really be a copywriter in Michigan without educating readers about another kind of (now-legal) edible either.

Project | 04

Home Style & Entertaining

Each month I scoured the retail shops around northern Michigan, picking housewares and personal items I could use to develop a visual, seasonal theme that would inspire Northern Home & Cottage readers to support their local boutiques while beautifying their lives. I used a storyteller-style catalog approach to engage and entertain.

Project | 05

Boat Review 

Boating gearheads—much like classic car fanatics, I imagine—love to feel the wind in their hair as much as they want to spark their neurons over the horsepower of an engine. That's why I approached this boat test of two Crownline models with an eye leveled as much at sensory experience and engaging narrative as at the boat's nitty-gritty specs.

Project | 06

Fashion & Catalog

They say Michigan has four seasons, but the truth is, for about 9 months, our wardrobe is mostly made up of GORE-TEX, wool, flannel, and fleece. I see it as my personal mission to ferret out locally available shops and styles that stand out, without ever leaving target readers in the cold.

Project | 07

Wedding Style | Dresses, Rings, Parties

Finding what's new and unique in wedding gowns, jewelry, bachelorette and bachelor parties isn't easy. Making each dress, ring, and party sound fresh, exciting, and wholly different from the other … ? I'd say that's as challenging—and rewarding—as making it 50+ married years. 

Project | 08

Project | 1

Beauty & Wellness
You want a writer committed to journalistic integrity, who writes frankly and honestly about products, services, and the experience therein? That's me. And, more specifically, my spotted, wrinkled, sun-damaged face at left, and the outline of my middle-aged mom bod at right. Both were published for an audience of 90K readers; only one sizzled off my epidermis with a laser. (Spoiler alert: The pain and subsequent peeling were 100 percent worth it for the results.)

Project | 03

Shorties | Food, Beverage, Recreation
Info-packed, entertaining, engaging—shorties are my sweet spot. Especially when they're showcasing outstanding food, cocktails, and outdoor toys.

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