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Project | 01

Website & Blog | ECI Healthcare Partners

Writing this SEO-optimized 65-page website as part of a 40-year-old national healthcare company's 2012 rebranding was both puzzle and pleasure. My lofty goal: Attract and show ECIHP's disparate and often at-odds prospects (ER and hospitalist physicians, hospital executives, medical practice managers, and med school students) how this organization and its multiple subsidiaries could improve their clinical practice, hospital, and life—stat. ECIHP gave me the go-ahead to dump their longtime clinical vibe, cut through the corporate jargon, and create info-rich, Google-sticky copy in line with the company's No. 1 differentiator: treating its affiliated physicians, hospital C-suite clients, and patients like human beings.

Project | 02

Print Ad, Label Copy | Steam Devil Spirits

Working with Steam Devil Spirits from conception gave me the opportunity to help shape its products in a way that made developing this brand a dream. I partnered with the distiller to find a way to differentiate Steam Devil from the multitude of distilleries in the northern Michigan region; he came up with the idea of producing the spirits with wild yeasts captured in key Up North locations, such as above the water at the infamous Red 8 navigational buoy in Traverse City's West Grand Traverse Bay. 

Project | 03

Automotive Audio Brochure | Panasonic ELS 

I'm no gearhead, but I recognize that exceptional stereo sound while driving is something everyone wants. I used that "everyman" approach to drive a print campaign showcasing the audio magic made possible by a partnership between five-time Grammy award-winning music producer Elliot Scheiner and Panasonic Automotive: the ELS Surround system, the first car audio system to capture and recreate the six discrete channels of sound—available only in the 2004 Acura TL.

Project | 03

Print Ad | Clinix Software

Truth be told, my first idea—reminding readers that "you don't marry the prom queen"—went over with Clinix execs like a lead balloon. But this software, while satisfying most every practice management need in a busy doctor's office, posed a particular problem: Its user interface is the ugliest of its far-more-sleekly designed competitors. My second solution cast

Clinix as a super-powered tool that transformed its users into office heroes—and me from kryptonite copywriter to Supergirl.

Project | 04

B2B/B2C Print+Digital | Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame

CCBHOF served two purposes—and clients: Colorado craft brewers and the zythophiles who love 'em. Working with the CCBHOF team, I wrote all digital and print copy for CCBHOF's B2B and B2C purposes, including its website, blog posts, and 3D mailers (postcard and 3D mailer interior/exterior shown at left) to position the e-commerce site and merchandising consultancy as an esteemed club and resource for brewers and drinkers. 

Project | 05

Website | Cordia Senior Residential Club

My challenge was to elevate the audience perception of Cordia from a senior-living home to a "residential club" where seniors of varying care needs live and thrive. To that end, I drew heavily upon the unique day-to-day experience of Cordia—and its ability to meet each resident's personal aspirations—while highlighting the club's high-end amenities and exclusivity. 

Project | 06

Event Signage | Emergency Consultants

How to capture the attention of and introduce your brand to 5,000+ tipsy emergency room docs at a giant bash in Beantown? I chose humor and brand differentiators that show—with a nod to Boston's revolutionary American spirit—how working with us benefits them. Oh, and we put these signs and table tents where our audience was a captive one: the cocktail tables, open bar, and bathrooms.

Project | 07

Case Studies | Redi-Rock International

Retaining walls, wingwalls, headwalls—they're not sexy topics for most readers, but if you're a civil engineer or developer with a site that seems impossible to build on or improve … ? My job was to learn and speak their language, interview some pros who faced similar challenges in the field, and explain the myriad ways they used Redi-Rock's precast modular blocks and integrated wall solutions to resolve those challenges for a series of case studies Redi-Rock could share and optimize online.

Project | 08

Promo Booklet | TABC Toyota 

TABC Toyota, an automotive manufacturing arm of Toyota based in Long Beach, California, wanted a booklet that did double duty—as a corporate showcase piece and an easily shared story of the company's genesis and impact in the region—for sales, promotion, and vendor/partner purposes. I spent several days interviewing executives and employees to gain focus and find the way to communicate their reference of "kaizen," the Japanese business philosophy that defines this group of people, their approach to manufacturing, and, of course, this 16-page booklet.

Project | 09

Thought Leadership | Various Magazines

I worked in partnership with a Chicago public relations firm to place unpaid editorial articles in various healthcare magazines. I developed article angles based on research and interviews I conducted with various executives, then created different abstracts the firm would pitch to the magazines we targeted. If an editor greenlighted a pitch, I'd conduct a full interview with the executive and ghostwrite the article under his or her byline. I work closely with each executive and magazine editor to ensure the message, tone, voice, and content accurately reflect the brand/positioning of the company each executive represents while staying true to the magazine's expectations for unbiased, organic content.

Project | 10

Display Ads, White Paper Campaign | ECI Healthcare

For hospitals, finding ER docs is difficult; finding good ones—and keeping them—is near impossible. My team and I launched a white paper campaign with ads on two prominent healthcare websites, offering hospital C-suite execs proven solutions to their most acute pain points, challenging them to evaluate their current recruitment methods, and encouraging them to consider doing what we do instead. Initial opt-ins were fed into a trickle campaign that delivered more DIY how-to's and strategies. The result: 113,837 impressions, 995 clicks, 514 opt-ins, and 12 toasty leads for our sales team.

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