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Crafting print and digital stories that sing since 1997.

A nimble writer and editor. A smart copywriter. An eastern European schnoz-to-grindstone work ethic coupled with a darn nice Midwestern sensibility. 


What I offer you is simple: big bang for your buck.


In return for the opportunity to do what I love—working with folks who are obsessively passionate about their readers, their brand, and the quality of the content that drives both—I'll bring you 20+ years of experience tackling myriad topics writing and editing for a multitude of regional and national consumer magazines, custom pubs, books, and not just a few corporate clients. 

My breadth is broad because my superpower is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. My specialties: travel and recreation; not-so-average-Joe profiles, nature, history, lifestyle, home and garden. A good bit of food and beverage. In the corporate space: healthcare, finance and accounting, meetings and events, and retail and catalog copy.

No matter how mind-numbingly complex or unsexy a topic might initially appear, I'll ferret out the angle that transforms it into a compelling, illuminating, and clear read—one that catches and holds the attention of your targeted reader, delivers the deets they need (and—this is critical— some they never knew they wanted), then motivates them to act, buy, learn more, or (my personal favorite) explore.


Beyond my demonstrated experience as a researcher, interviewer, nugget-miner, and storyteller, I'm adept at crafting and executing beefy and strategic editorial calendars that coordinate print, digital, and social; writing short- and long-form articles and marketing and sales collateral of all kinds, collaborating with magazine editors, creative agencies, and/or in-house marketing teams; and representing my employer or contracted organization with sincere warmth, enthusiasm, and professionalism. 

Translation? Lotsa skills. Lotsa experience. Waaaay better copy.

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